Welcome to Xeflis!

Welcome to Xeflis!
1984 Xeflis Restaurant, opened its doors. Many years have passed and our cuisine has been expanding and specializing in, year after year. A cuisine based on traditional Catalan cuisine, respecting seasonal produce and local products by betting!

2014 born Xfls BAR, a new project, where the philosophy healthy Km0 and Slow Food, a modern blend in with a large terrace in the middle of nature with an offer based on healthy snacks, tapas quality snacks and cheap vermouth, daily Menu 9 € and Snacks.

Founded in April 1984 by the family, the Xeflis offer a cuisine based on traditional Catalan cuisine and taking advantage of local and seasonal products. In our menu you will find roasted vegetables, soup, snails, grilled meats, rice, fresh fish, cod and homemade desserts.

Season we Baskets, Mushrooms, Artichokes, Peas and Beans Maresme, Mushrooms, Maresme strawberries, tomatoes and vegetables in the area.

Cooking time and respect the cooking time. We believe that cooking well done, it has taken.

Local rustic air conditioning and heating. Terrace in summer.

Open from 13 noon to 16h:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Nights from 21 to 23h:

Thursday, Friday and Saturday.